Metal fabrications - Mild steel, Aluminium,  Zinc, Copper 



Composite Panels - The cost effective, all in one insulated panel. Many profiles and finishes to choose from, panels installed on walls & roofs

Standing seam - Very versatile and has been widely used for centuries as it uses no fixings. Very watertight & highly recommended. Fabricated in a range of metals

Single skin - Profiled metal sheeting. Commonly used on industrial buildings, warehousing to commercial buildings. Many choices & profiles to choose from

Timber cladding - We can recommend a range of woods & finishes to suit your design requirements

Rain screen wall cladding - Custom built panels installed after the structure is watertight. Very popular with new builds & updating old tired looking buildings. Many choices of application, materials & finishes to choose from.

Rubber roof membrane systems - Watertight rubber membrane applied to the outer skin, sealed by heat welding or solvents. Ideal for residential extensions, parapet roofs, overlaying an existing roof & preparation for green roofing 

Green roofing - Very eco friendly as it is a living surface attracting a variety of wildlife, It will keep your building very warm through its natural insulation. Increasingly favoured with home owners & councils towards carbon offset. Range of systems available

Liquid waterproofing - Is the process of waterproofing a roof by the application of a specialist liquid roof coating. It is suited to all types of roof, including flat, pitched & domed

Roof light installation & replacement - There are many benefits of installing & replacing roof lights, natural light beaming through your building & in doing so, heating your building. It also creates very positive effects to your living/working space. Very popular in large commercial building.

Louvres - Is a blind or shutter with slats that are angled to admit light & air but keep out rain, direct sunshine & noise. The angled slats can be adjustable or fixed. Commonly used on plant rooms & ventilation ducts. SSC louvres come in a range of materials & finishes.